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tirsdag den 15. februar 2011


Kattene på den græske ø Symi fodres af en rar dame
og spiser lystigt

til der kommer en sulten hund forbi.

Besøg "Cats on Thuesday" her.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Are they homeless cats? It's rather polite of those cats to let the dog have his share. Maybe more than his share.

  2. I can not read danish language but the photos says more than thousand words....

    I´m glad there is someone who fed the poor strays.
    I have a stray in my garden and he eats with the paw too like the cat on the first photo.

  3. Ser ju rätt kul ut när hunden kommer o knycker maten för katterna :)
    Den ser ut att vara hungrig den med !

  4. Aww, it looks like the kitties were nice enough to share :-)

    I'm a new follower from Cats on Tuesdays!


  5. There is a lot of cats on the streets on Rhodes, but most of them seem to be well taken care of.

    Yes, Marie - the cats didn't seem to mind that the dog ate their food.
    Welcome here - I am a new follower myself - can't get enough of cats.

  6. Thank you for visiting us.
    It's nice to see the cats sharing their food with the dog. And the food seemed lip-smacking good!